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High Pressure Hose Ends Keep Blowing Off!


Problem / Issue: HOSE ENDS COMING OFF!

The fitting has blown off the hydraulic / jet wash hose.

Cause / Reason:

When hydraulic hose and jet wash high pressure hose fails in service when being used, the cause usually can be down to:

  •          improper component selection (wrong size fittings), or
  •          incorrect assembly procedure (ferrules & fittings not assembled correctly), or
  •          poor installation practice (not fitted to partnering component correctly), or
  •          if the hose was not inserted deeply enough into the shell of the fitting during assembly, or
  •          any combination of these listed above.

Each failure listed above provides some visual clues that can be traced back to a possible cause of the problem. And almost all of these failures are avoidable by using the Washflex Ferrule Fuse Swaging process.


Solution / Result:  Washflex Ferrule FuseTM

All Washflex Hose assemblies come with ferrule fused swaged ends.

Click here to view the range of Washflex hose assemblies available.


All the grips (steps) in the ferrule are needed to hold the fitting onto the hose. In particular, the last grip in the ferrule is essential to developing the full holding strength of the fitting to the hose.

You must ensure:

  • the ferrule is pushed onto as much of the hose as possible



  • The most reliable hose swaging process
  • The hose will burst before the end blows off:
  • Metal to metal connection means that there is the connection is not weakened by heat.
  • 100% circumference collapse means that there is 100% contact between the coupling and the hose.





Is ferrule fuse reliable?

After the invention of the ferrule fuse swaging process by Washflex, all hose assemblies are guaranteed with:

  •          No more leaks
  •          No more ends blowing off
  •          a lifetime with performance & satisfaction.


YES, the proof is in the testing, take a look...



Click here to view the Washflex Range of Hose Assemblies:


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