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Washflex - Flexibility Matters!

Washflex - Flexibility Matters!

The equipment boffins here at Fenco Group HQ love a good challenge, especially if that challenge is set by our distributors or end customers!

As you may know (or may not – we won’t hold it against you) the Fenco Group mission is to ‘Save lives and improve lives through clean innovation’ and our overall vision is to deliver our mission of clean innovation by becoming the most dynamic brand of equipment supply, globally.”

The Washflex brand, established around 2013, was added to our already awesome brand portfolio to complement our Pressure Washers brand, V-TUF.

The Problems.

Our distributors and end users had given us great feedback about the problems they faced from previous industrial hose supply:

  •         Hose lengths bursting or rippling
  •         Pin holes in hose tubing
  •         Outer cover has come away or torn (Delamination)
  •         Ferrules have blown off or there is leaking near fittings
  •         Swelling due to damage of the inner tube

We designed, manufactured and tested until we were certain they wouldn’t face any of these quality problems with us.

The Solution.

Our Washflex range has been designed in such a way that the outer rubber casing is thoroughly bonded into the braiding, with all of our hose assemblies using ‘Ferrule-Fuse’ technology and rigorous testing ensuring each one exceeds current legislation.

The Geeky Bit (STBT):

What is Super Tension Braiding Technology?

All Washflex hose has been manufactured to meet the STBT (Super Tension Braiding Technology) certification set out by Fenco Group Ltd.

This certification benchmarks the flexibility of the hose against the optimal level of resilience and has helped us to improve our range to offer over three times more strength and flexibility since its establishment in 2013.

STBT is a method implemented during the braiding section of our hose manufacturing process that ensures the strength of the hose is greater than other hose currently available on the European Hose Market. At the same time, STBT delivers an outstanding flexibility in both R1 (1 wire) and R2 (2 wire) braided Washflex jet wash hose.

With a REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) approved inner core, all of our hose meets strict fluid contamination regulations.

By choosing a hose with STBT rating, you are opting for longer lasting results, greater flexibility, and lighter in weight, all part of a cost efficient and smart investment!

What is Ferrule Fuse Technology?

After we completed and extensive analysis and testing of the many hose ending methods used by the industry we derived a process that encompasses the best techniques and ensures that the ends won’t come off. We called it Ferrule Fuse and we guarantee that all Washflex assemblies that we assemble have Ferrule Fuse ends.

Don't believe us? Watch this

Until next time,

The FG Team.

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