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FILTER Basket - AQUADRY (15L/30L)

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Filter. Used In The Following Vac Models: VT2000, VT3000, VTS2000 & VTS3000
£20.34 incl tax £21.48 incl tax

FILTER Basket - AQUADRY (60/90L)

Vacuum Cleaner Filter which can be used for wet and dry applications.
Please note: the internal support filter cage (VTVS9020) is not supplied with this but can be ordered separately.
For use with the following machines: VT6000 , VTS8000 , VT9000 , VT9110 & MAMMOTH models
£24.07 incl tax £32.09 incl tax

FILTER Basket - DRY (5L)

Dry Vacuum Cleaner Filter
£16.76 incl tax

FILTER Cartridge - for Alto (AERO 20)

CARTRIDGE FILTER for wet and dry pick up. Height: 143mm; outer diameter: 183mm; internal diameter: 139mm. Please note: All measurments are approximate. Due to product development, specifications could change without product prior notice and images are for illustration only.
£49.55 incl tax

FILTER Cartridge - M CLASS for GrindEx

M CLASS V-TUF Filter to suit the Grindex M Class Industrial Dust Extracting Vacuum Cleaner
£230.11 incl tax

FILTER Cartridge H CLASS for DustEX

H CLASS CARTRIDGE FILTER - water washable - Suitable for V-TUF MIDI / MIDI SYNCRO ; DUSTEX ; VAC M , VAC H . Other order codes: WS100090333-s ; C37020210A-s
£95.40 incl tax £142.08 incl tax

FILTER Cartridge to fit V-TUF® M

VTM102 - Filter Cartridge for VTUF M & V-TUF MINI 240 & 110 VOLT DUST VACUUMS - ' Recommended Filter to PROTECT YOU FROM FATAL LUNG DISEASE ' Please use at all times with VTM101 dust bags. Please remember: Fresh bags and clean filters maintain suction power and protect YOU.
£38.46 incl tax


2 x of these seals must be used with the VTVS087 carteridge filter on the VT9000, VT6000 and VTS8000.
£7.68 incl tax