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TUFFLOW - The market leader in Hydraulic Hose


Your leading manufacturer of high pressure tough industrial strong braided hose.

Tufflow has become recognised globally for a reliable flexible well-made hose. This gives full assurance to Tufflow Dealers, that when making up a hose configuration or hose assembly for their faithful customer, they know it’s going to satisfy them. Also giving the tufflow dealer full assurance that the client will come back and request many more tufflow hose assemblies in the future.


Tufflow have developed a ‘TUFFLOW CONFIGORATOR CHART’ for all the popular hose assemblies that are required day and night, to get the heavy industrial machines running, ensuring contractors can continue to keep their machinery and workforce performing, to compete the task on time and keep it with the budgets agreed.





To become a Tufflow Dealer, please contact enquiries@tufflow.com, and fill in the contact us form, and your details will be forwarded to the dealer’s services team. One of the team will look into your company details, and look at your current product portfolio you offer, and then they will get in contact with you.


When they have already done research on your company, they will be able to offer you the perfect business proposal to help move your business forward in joining the Tufflow Team.


You will be set up with a competitive package to ensure you stay competitive in your market place. As a dealer, you will also be set up with an account on the online portal, where you can log in, view all your prices / product details/ product downloads / specification sheets. Even better, we even support you with literature that you can put your company details on, and print off as posters for your trade counter, or email out to your customer base to show them how proud you are to provide them with tufflow hose & fittings.




We are proud to support the tufflow dealer network worldwide:





Is Tufflow just one of those many importers of that cheap hose?

 ... Definitely NOT!

 Tufflow manufactures ‘tough industrial hose’.



The Tufflow Hose & Fittings has been designed and manufactured in with an accumulation of 50 years’ worth of engineering experience and operator feedback. With the combination of this 50 years’ worth of knowledge and experience and the addition of quality staff training, Tufflow operators are able to make and provide their customer base with top quality products, and has efficient back up support that they require to complete their demanding daily tasks.


Today, there are many hydraulic shops shipping out hose that has been made from processed rubber that is not up to the standards globally. This has become an increasing problem in Europe. As a result, the team at tufflow has put many hours of research and development, as well as a much innovation, to provide the dealers with a product they can trust.



Tufflow help & support 

If you are not able to find any detail on some of the tufflow products, then please email enquiries@tufflow.com.


We will be more than happy to hear from you, and want to provide you with the best support possible to help make the Tufflow Dealership a success for everyone.


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