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Trade. Focus: Woodwork.

Trade. Focus: Woodwork.

You love your trade and why wouldn’t you? You have spent years training to reach the level of expertise that you are at and put in countless hours on the craftsmanship you offer your clients every single day.

Woodworking has been at the heart of our civilisations since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and has equipped us with the skills to create useful objects and decorative works for the advancement and pleasure of man (and woman) kind.

But let’s be honest, we know a lot more now than we did then.

For a significant number of years, wood dust was considered as nothing more than a bit of a nuisance, causing irritation to the eyes, nose and throat of our dedicated woodworkers around the world.

We now know that the effects of wood dust inhalation can be devastating for those exposed.

The dangers you face

If you were to type in ‘effects of wood dust inhalation’ into an internet search site, you would be overwhelmed with the amount of information available to you. With a plethora of facts, figures and in depth guidance on how to control or reduce the risk of exposure in working environments, who would really know where to start?

We have brought together some of the most prominent figures from the sea of research and are delivering them to you in this humble blog post, because we like to keep things simple.

-        Deaths from exposure to dust & chemical exposure sit at an estimated 13,000 every year.[1]

-        Both hardwood and softwood dusts have Workplace Exposure Limits of 5mg/m³ over an eight hour           day.[2]

-        Joiners and Carpenters are four times more likely to develop asthma than other UK workers. [3]

-        Prolonged exposure can lead to cancer, particularly of the nose.

-        The HSE are planning to visit 2500 companies in the wood sector over the next quarter to inspect              their extraction controls. [4]

These are just some of the frightening statistics coming to light over recent years, as some of these wood dust related illnesses can take 20 years or more to manifest.

Our focus is on you

In sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way and the solutions we have developed or been made aware of, we hope to help you in tackling these occupational risks.

If you are unsure on how to prepare for the visits from the Health and Safety Executives or run your woodworking business safely, then the British Woodworking Federation has a fantastic toolkit to support which you can access at http://www.bwf.org.uk/toolkit

If that wasn’t enough, our product innovation specialists and technical experts eat, sleep and breathe dust extraction solutions as part of their ever present mission of saving and improving lives, if you need impartial and non-salesy advice then give them a call on 01522 787978.

Or if you’re a dust extraction aficionado and strictly want to look at purchasing one of our dust extraction machines, then check out our website to locate your nearest distributor.

Until next time,

The V-TUF Team.


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