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Trade. Focus: Painting & Decorating

Trade. Focus: Painting & Decorating

You love your trade and why wouldn’t you? You have spent years training to reach the level of expertise that you are at and put in countless hours on the craftsmanship you offer your clients every single day.

There is a saying that the first thing you notice on a person is the state of their shoes, well we believe that the application of this saying goes for buildings too! From an individual to a large firm, painters and decorators ensure the finish of any building project is completed to the highest standard and this finish is what people will notice first when looking at or entering into a home or office.

Of course, we understand that there is a lot more that goes into these phenomenal finishes than what meets the eye, the key is in the preparation of your work surface. This will be your blank canvas.

Scraping and sanding, whilst the most effective methods of preparation, also pose significant threats to your health and the health of your team.


The dangers you face

Many would think that the minimal amount of large dust particles caused by scraping or sanding would be nothing more than a nuisance on your clothes and the customer’s carpets. You tell yourself that breathing it in here and there ‘probably won’t hurt’ as you can’t feel anything obvious.

Were you aware that many occupational illnesses and diseases cause through working can take 20 years or more to manifest?

“Alright, I get it, don’t breathe it in. I’ll just open a window and wear one of those silly white paper mask things.” You tell yourself, thinking these changes will negate any risk of inhaling fumes or dust containing lead.

So what about when you have something to eat, grab a drink or pop outside for that ‘quick cigarette break’, did you wash your hands before you went?

How about the lead that you ingested during those moments? Our bodies can only process so much…

We all experience headaches, tiredness and irritability now and again, but too much lead can create constant issues and prolonged exposure can even lead to nerve and brain damage. [i]


Our focus is on you

In sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way and the solutions we have developed or been made aware of, we hope to help you in tackling these occupational risks. We are currently working on something really special for the painters, renovators and decorators of the UK, an accessory built with you and your health in mind. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you are unsure on how to identify lead, or what to do in the case of repainting and removal of potential lead surfaces then take a look at the guidance produced by the British Coatings Federation.

If that wasn’t enough, our product innovation specialists and technical experts eat, sleep and breathe dust extraction solutions as part of their ever present mission of saving and improving lives, if you need impartial and non-salesy advice then give them a call on 01522 787978.

Or if you’re a dust extraction aficionado and strictly want to look at purchasing one of our dust extraction machines and the accessories for painting and decorating, then check out our website to locate your nearest distributor.


Until next time,


The V-TUF Team.


[i] https://www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk/files/2414/7488/5366/HS_034_Lead_in_Painted_Surfaces_guidance_for_Professional_Decorators_August_2016.pdf

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