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Trade. Focus: Labouring & Groundwork.

Trade. Focus: Labouring & Groundwork.

You love your trade and why wouldn’t you? You have spent years training to reach the level of expertise that you are at and put in countless hours on the craftsmanship you offer your clients every single day.

Jack of all trades and master of many, you are able to turn your hand from laying concrete to fixing fences and everything in between. Armed with your trusty tools, trusted tunes to keep you going through the day and a few well-made cups of tea, you are ready to tackle whichever challenges face you.

The dangers you face

When taking charge of such a large variety of tasks, it is not always so easy to understand the risks that you face on site and what’s more, not everyone can lug around a vans worth of tools to each and every job. Inconvenience often plays a large part in selecting the wrong safety precautions, with many choosing what is easy over what is right.  

Our goal is to help you where we are able, in sharing of knowledge to help identify risks and in the creation of multifunctional safety equipment, to remove the inconvenience of too much equipment.

Have you ever got home after a hard days graft and noticed that you feel somewhat dusty? Covered in a fine layer of grit and grime picked up whilst sanding, drilling and sweeping up around site? You’re offered a respiratory device on the more regulated sites and on the less regulated; a scarf wrapped around your face would do the job, right? Not everyone can afford the expensive dust extraction vacuums that retail for over £500!

Well, the HSE has conducted extensive, in depth research into the long term health effects of breathing in construction and respirable silica dusts over prolonged periods and the results speak louder than we ever could. With over 500 construction workers dying from exposure to these types of dust[1] every single year it is not a factor to be ignored and if you wonder whether it will really affect you then take a look at some real life cases[2].

Our focus is on you

In sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way and the solutions we have developed or been made aware of, we hope to help you in tackling these occupational risks. We are currently working on something really special for the labourers and ground workers of the UK, an accessory built with you and your health in mind. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you are unsure on how to control your exposure to Silica and other construction dusts then be sure to take a look at the masses of guidance available to you through the HSE, in particular their free downloadable guides[3].

If that wasn’t enough, our product innovation specialists and technical experts eat, sleep and breathe dust extraction solutions as part of their ever present mission of saving and improving lives, if you need impartial and non-salesy advice then give them a call on 01522 787978.

Or if you’re a dust extraction aficionado and strictly want to look at purchasing one of our dust extraction machines, for a lot less than the £500 price tag and the accessories for labouring and groundwork then check out our website to locate your nearest distributor.

Until next time,

The V-TUF Team.


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