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The V-TÜF M is ready for launch!

This year has seen some really exciting developments coming to fruition for the V-TUF brand alongside expansion in our ever growing Fenco Group family (check out our previous post to see their wonderful mugshots and creative bios).

However, for us this month really is the cherry on top of the proverbial ice cream. After 18 months of research, development, testing and discussion with our customers and the HSE… the official launch of our VTUF M Class Vacuum cleaner is here! 

Keep Britain Breathing

I am pretty sure I can hear the crowd of tradespeople and HSE Managers cheering…

Here are the reasons why:

The Facts

In the UK every year:

  • 100 fresh cases of dust-related skin disease
  • 177 fresh cases of occupational asthma
  • Around 700 people die from exposure to silica dust
  • 1300 die from occupational lung disease and cancer
  • 8000 die from dust-related illnesses (That’s more than die from road accidents)
  • £1.1 billion lost on workplace injury and poor health in the construction industry


The Construction Industry alone:

  • Contributes to 4% of total particulate emissions
  • Encounters dust throughout all trades
  • Is responsible for 40% of occupational cancer deaths and registrations
  • Loses 2.3 million working days due to fatalities and serious illness



What does M Class really mean?

M Class certification means that the dust extraction equipment you are using:

Has sufficient air velocity to extract, transport and collect the dust created during your cutting, drilling, sanding and grinding tasks.

Has sufficient filtration to ensure you are not pumping any dangerous dust back into the air, unlike unrated vacuums that can release 85% of the harmful and respirable dust back into your workspace.

Gives you a truly safe waste dust disposal method!

To be ultra-sure that our equipment does what it says on the tin (or in line with the M Class stamp) the V-TÜF M uses HEPA H13 grade filtration.


The best part?

The V-TÜF M offers compact, affordable compliance for your company and the best protection for your team from common dust related health issues.

Check out our range of dust extraction equipment to see for yourselves and call us to discuss becoming an authorised V-TÜF distributor.

Until next time,

The FG Team.

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