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The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

The Three Classes of #lungsafe

When we talk about L, M and H class we can assure you that we are not referring to a new line of luxury car to hit the market, and yet if you were to ask someone about what M Class means, they would probably be thinking of an M Class Mercedes (definitely not a #ad).

We know that you haven’t been hiding under a rock and some of you may have even been lucky enough to have been educated on this issue during your toolbox talk.

However, the reality of the matter is, unless you work within the occupational health, health & safety or medical industries, or you know someone who has personally been affected by this issue then the likelihood of you knowing what I’m talking about are low.

So what does it mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because trust me when I say that before I started working here, I didn’t know either.

In the beginning of my career here at V-TUF, I could hear “M-Class” and “H-Class” being banded around like some sort of special code. Having only recently moved to Lincoln I seriously wondered if this was a Midlands thing that I wasn’t aware of.

It turns out they were actually talking about the three main classes of dust extraction currently available on the UK Market.

L Class

L Class Label

Think of these as the entry level, remember when you bought your first car and had to opt for something that wasn’t quite in the super car bracket… or even sports coupe bracket for that matter?

In terms of actual extraction, an L Class  filters 99% of all air and does not allow more than 1% of extracted dust to pass out of the filter, up to a maximum allowable concentration greater than 1 mg/m^3. This class is best used for general working, with hazardous dust of 1 micron or non-hazardous dust that is visible to the human eye.

M Class

M Class Label

So you’ve been driving for a couple of years now, with a bit more knowledge of a good purchase and cheaper insurance you can opt for something with a little bit more… Ooomph.

M Class filters 99.9% of all dust extracted through the system and no more than 0.1% of extracted dust is passed out of the filter, this is where our little V-TUF M really comes into its own! (If you are interested, then the link is at the bottom!)

In the working environment these little machines are the minimum extraction required for materials on construction sites and with silica and wood dust containing small particles that are rarely seen by the naked eye, you may have been unsure why it was needed. This fine dust is usually produced whilst sanding, drilling, sweeping or cutting from a variety of materials including; sandstone, wood, concrete, limestone and marble.


H Class

H Class Label

Now you’re really stepping up your game! This is the one that is really going to turn some heads and what you’ll need if you want to partake in the big boy’s league.

H Class is currently the highest possible extraction available and mostly used in highly hazardous environments, usually linked with MDF or Asbestos.

You’ve heard the stories and seen the pictures of the types of devastation caused by inhalation of asbestos, formaldehyde or respirable crystalline silica (RCS), so we won’t reiterate in this post.

What we will tell you is that H class offers filtration of 99.995% and releases less than 0.005% of dust back into the air.

Tough solutions for tough environments.

If you want to check out our range of dust extraction then click here.

Or if you’re not sure what you want or what your site needs then give us a call.

We’re not into the hard sell and would rather offer you some good advice for free than see a team suffer the effects of dust inhalation.

Until next time,

The VTUF team.

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