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Supporting a Mesowarrior

Supporting a Mesowarrior

V-TUF has proudly announced the Mavis Nye foundation as one of their key chosen charities to support in 2018, along with Mavis herself as a V-TUF ambassador.

Coming into 2018 the V-TUF team were looking at other ways through which they could support the development of cutting edge solutions to tackle lung related diseases, besides their repertoire of specialist equipment, whilst also giving something back to those who had already been affected by the increasing lung diseases observed in trades men and women in recent years.

Cue Mavis Nye and the Mavis Nye Foundation.

Mavis hails from Kent and in 2009 was given the devastating Mesothelioma diagnosis, a type of cancer associated with exposure to asbestos fibres. Having never worked directly in construction and never knowingly come into direct contact with asbestos, this heart-breaking news shook both Mavis and her husband Ray. Over the long and gruelling 7 years to follow, Mavis tried and tested all the treatments available and in 2016 doctors reported a complete response, giving her the all clear. Now, through the Mavis Nye foundation and Mavis’ sheer determination, she campaigns to raise awareness of the disease and the causes that have been ignored for so long.

You can read more about Mavis and her journey at the Mavis Nye Foundation website, here.

During 2018, V-TUF will strive to assist Mavis and her foundation in spreading awareness and raising the ever needed funds to support the development of future cures for this awful prognosis. 

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