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New Equipment Launch - V-TUF Cobra & V-TUF Synergy

New Equipment Launch - V-TUF Cobra & V-TUF Synergy

In September 2017, we eagerly launched one of the most cost effective M Class Vacuum solutions in the market, with the aim of making compliant dust extraction achievable to the masses.

With the success of this launch, and subsequent customer feedback, the product innovation team based at our East Midlands headquarters began working on further add on solutions to ensure that no problem was left unsolved.

After considerable testing and development, the product team at V-TUF HQ are pleased to introduce the V-TUF Synergy and Cobra at the end of November.

So how do they help us?

All of our V-TUF M vacuum accessories are designed, manufactured and tested with our end user in mind! We understand that not everyone can pay top prices for their dust extraction equipment and what’s more, we believe that these health benefitting tools should be as accessible as possible to help as many as possible.

Our mission, as bold as it may sound, is to ‘Save and improve lives’ and for us this is the most important factor driving our organisation.

For the painters and decorators.



The V-TUF Cobra, a shave hook dust extraction accessory focused on removing dust and small shavings during removal of paintwork, offers safe, efficient and cost effective preparation of any painted wooden surface. By removing the dust and debris right from the heart of the action, the Cobra gives you a cleaner working environment and safe air to breathe.

For all of our hardworking tradespeople.


What was originally coined the ‘Flick’ evolved into the ‘Synergy’ as it allowed for exactly that; the synchronised use of your dust extraction vacuum and power tools, removing the problem of only being able to extract fully after the job was completed. With your tools working in harmony to save you time, energy and the health of your lungs, we think it gets one heck of a thumbs up!

Our focus is on you

In sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way and the solutions we have developed or been made aware of, we hope to help you in tackling the occupational risks of dust inhalation.

Our product innovation specialists and technical experts eat, sleep and breathe (no pun intended) dust extraction solutions as part of their ever present mission of saving and improving lives, if you need impartial and non-salesy advice then give them a call on 01522 787978.

Or if you’re a dust extraction aficionado and strictly want to look at purchasing one of our dust extraction machines, for a lot less than the £500 price tag and the relevant accessories for labouring, painting and decorating or plastering then check out our website to locate your nearest distributor.

Until next time,

The V-TUF Team.

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