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Navigaitor is the leading footwear provider of comfortable, long-lasting, fatigue eradicating Safety Boots. 


As pioneers of NaviGaitor we were not exactly inspired but felt obliged to respond to the outcry, from British work force, about uncomfortable safety foot wear.


The clear, consistent message we received was:


  • Compulsory Compliance!
  • Hard work continues!
  • Budget bound!
  • Dress code dictated!


………………..Poor people! By working with manufacturers and industry experts we tested hundreds of pairs of footwear then selected, innovated and modified and re-tested to finally deliver the SUMMIT.


Our customers love them!


We’re never there. The journey continues. Keep up to date and….


Enjoy the welfare of discovery.


Why is the NaviGaitor Summit Safety Boot so comfortable?


NAVI-SORB™ technology within the sole construction. NaviGaitor ® safety footwear is designed to provide comfort to the wearer’s feet throughout the day. This is archived through the unique


Anti-Fatigue NAVI-SORB™ Sole technology means that the sole construction doesn’t flatten or lose its great cushioning performance throughout the lifetime of the boot.


NAVI-SORB™ Anti-Abrasion Supported Counter Part reduces heel abrasion and blisters.


NAVI-SORB™ Support Shank Provides arch support – prevents arch ache by bracing the arch and moving the walking flex from the arch to the ball and toe.


(R.T.P.) Reflexology Technology Pimple This is designed to stimulate the sciatic nerve.


NAVI-SORB™ Absorbs 85% of Shock before it enters the body


NAVI-SORBTM Naturally cradles the foot and enhances the heels impact absorbing fat pad, greatly reduces skeletal shock.


Extremely Lightweight


Greatly reduces fatigue.


Intelligent internal Mesh Lining Absorbs and releases the moisture, also abrasion resistant.


Wider toe cap Gives toes more room – prevents bunions and corns



Click here to view the full product specification on the NaviGaitor Summit Safety Boot




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