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Large Online Store? Small Warehouse? = Dropship


Problem / Issue: Warehouse too small?



Many successful online retailers are beginning to notice the demand on their space for holding stock, as their online sales increase rapidly.

Warehouse managers know all too well that the task of managing operations for a warehouse facility is far from straightforward. Warehouse operations managers are tasked with ensuring the efficient flow of products in and out of the facility, optimizing the building’s layout, making sure orders are fulfilled and products are in stock, but not overstocked. Add ensuring profitability and minimizing overhead and labour costs to the mix, and warehouse operators have their work cut out for them.

As the demand on the operation increases with the online sales increasing, then often, there are problems that arise, as the company management is still learning to adapt and train, with the increasing demand on the workforce.

There is one simple solution for this…. Drop-Shop!

This is the best solution for you... read on to find how this solution will help your business continue to grow, without stocking items, and still offering the same delivery service to your customers; nationwide, in Europe, and globally.


What is Dropship?

V-TUF Drop-ship reorganises the traditional supply chain responsibilities between the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to deliver the product to the consumer without violating the value and service provided by each level. The development of drop-ship is designed to satisfy modern consumer expectations and introduces unique benefits to all involved in the supply chain. Drop-ship works well on capital goods that are ready for the consumer to set up for use.


Reorganises the traditional supply chain responsibilities - introduces unique benefits to all involved in the supply chain

The Retailer Markets the Manufacturers products to its client base, but holds no stock. Once an order has been received the retailer dispatches the product direct to the consumer.



Responsibilities and Benefits:




  • Central Inventory    
  • Insure & Secure
  • Central Logistics
  • Beneficial Product    
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Technical back-up
  • Sale Ready Product
  • Quality marketing content
  • Sales management
  • Range content control
  • Invoice and payment
  • Marketing
  • Less hidden costs    
  • No dead stock         
  • No carrier damage claims    
  • Zero handling or repackaging
  • Add new products fast without overloading your operation
  • Enjoy your choice of customer service
  • Best pricing
  • Fresher products and packaging
  • No double handling / shipping charges
  • Latest models
  • Eco-Friendly route to market


Beneficial Product

V-TUF delivers products that are beneficial to the market. Unique solutions to real issues


Best pricing

Insurance, Security, Working capital, Handling, shipping and carrier damage claims all cost money. The fact is that this all contributes to the price the consumer pays. If it didn’t, dealers would go broke. The V-TUF Drop-Ship system approximately halves the accumulation of these costs as well and working through the most Eco-Friendly route to market


Buys from the retailer and enjoys the tradition customer service - without violating the value and service provided by each level

We all have our favourite stores and we enjoy the service, range, experience, expertise and the culture that we encounter when we shop there. Manufactures cannot replicate this even. Some have tried. V-TUF has many dealers who are taking care of their customers in a way that V-TUF can’t. V-TUF supports the industry specialists.


Central Inventory

V-TUF hold inventory according to demand anyway so it does not make sense for our dealers to overstock our products.

V-TUF Promise, if we can’t fulfil your order we will offer you and better alternative for the same price for delivery within 48Hours.


Central Logistics         

V-TUF is dispatching the equipment anyway so it does not make sense for our dealers to double handle this. Enjoy Zero handling & repackaging


Fresher products and packaging

It’s a fact that products that have been recently manufactured,  packaged and only shipped once arrive in a far better condition than those that have been through the carrier system a couple of times, considering that, on average, between the dispatch warehouse and the delivery address, the parcels get loaded and unloaded 4 times as well as being sorted. You also assured of the Latest models rather than draining dealers aged stock.


Insure & Secure

We insure and secure our inventory so it does not make sense to duplicate this cost at our dealer’s location as this cost has to be passed on to the consumer.


No dead stock

How much does your inventory cost you to land, store, heat, secure, handle and dispatch?

Let alone the products that you were forced into buying by some pushy sales man or minimum order level?

V-TUF Drop-ship eliminates all of the above.


No double handling / shipping charges

Shipping and handling costs your company time and money. Someone has to pay for this on most occasions this flows through to the consumer even though it may be hidden in the cost of the item. Less handling and transporting of goods means fewer overheads.


Quality marketing content

All V-TUF literature, images, videos and information documents are available to our clients for use on their marketing platforms. This keeps the message and specification consistent. 


Sale Ready Product

We understand that the consumer cannot install and commission equipment. That is why we deliver machines that are ready to use, certified, and we focus on affordable quality.

V-TUF work with industry leaders to ensure that the machines we develop and launch are unique solutions to real issues.


Satisfy modern consumer expectations

Consumer buying expectations are changing whether we like it or not. Globally we are seeing increasing geographical market segments, shorter forward order commitments, increasing availability and choice, increased consumer product awareness and ability to make educated buying decisions without contacting the manufacturer or retailer. Increased speed at which standard models are superseded by new improved models. The advantage of easy networking is resulting in the innovation of some very interesting solutions to old market problems that the traditional standard products couldn’t satisfy.   


Tried, Tested and proved. It’s easy

As wonderful as it looks, it’s not just a theory. This has been tested for over 5 years and proved successful.

Becoming a V-TUF Drop-Ship Dealer is simple. Interested?



Solution / Result:  Customer goes direct to supplier?

As you will find, todays online, digital age, a huge majority of transactions of buying and selling of goods is done every day.

You may have visited this website and found that all the products you want to sell as a dealer are online, and available to purchase direct from us as the manufacturer. This has been set up to make sure all products are available online. But if you take the time to search online for the same branded product, you will soon find that there is already a handful of your competition selling our branded products online, and you are starting to miss out on these sales.

All prices on the manufacturer’s websites are shown as RRP prices, so all dealers are given the opportunity to promote our products on their own website, at a retail prices which is lower than on the manufacturers website, to make sure dealers receive the sales.

In today’s competitive world, we can’t afford to lose the sale when someone is searching for your particular product online. So, as a dealer support package, we offer a solution, whereby if a customer contacts one of the manufacturers direct for one of the Fenco Group Brands, then the customer’s services team at FG will forward the enquiry / sale onto the dealer, and make sure the dealer has all the necessary sales tools required to complete the sale / transaction.


To discuss distributing one of the Fenco Group brands, please contact us today.










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