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Home. Focus: DIY

Home. Focus: DIY

One of our aims during 2017 was to make occupational health and safety equipment as cost efficient and accessible as possible, so that it could be utilised by the masses, not just those with large pockets.

By targeting our equipment in such a way it has meant that everyone, from the largest construction company to the individual do-it-yourself at home enthusiast, has been able to benefit from the health advantages our products are renowned for.

The problems you face

Whether it is carrying on with that woodworking project in the garage, sorting the brickwork for the new extension on the house, getting rid of that horrible green mossy stain around the eaves, or finally getting around to drilling those holes and putting up that Pinterest driftwood photo hanger that was made more than three months ago, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that many of you have limited time and need to get things done quickly, that’s why all of our products are available for next day delivery from most of our stockists, or why not pop in and take a look at them in store?

For those who have a tight budget (because we know that renovations need to be managed!) our equipment promises the same great quality across the range and all within the most competitive price ranges, with special offers being offered throughout the year!

Our focus is on you

In sharing the knowledge we have learnt along the way and the solutions we have developed or been made aware of, we hope to help you in tackling occupational risks associated with DIY and renovations and to supply a range of equipment that will meet your needs in the home. We are currently working on some really special accessories for the DIY enthusiasts of the UK, accessories built with you and your family’s health in mind. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you are unsure on how to control your exposure to Silica and other construction dusts during your DIY projects then be sure to take a look at the huge range of guidance available to you through the HSE, in particular their free downloadable guides[1].

If that wasn’t enough, our product innovation specialists and technical experts eat, sleep and breathe dust extraction and pressure washing solutions as part of their ever present mission of saving and improving lives, if you need impartial and non-salesy advice then give them a call on 01522 787978.

Or if you’re an equipment aficionado and strictly want to look at purchasing one of our dust extraction machines, for a lot less than the normal price tag then check out our website to locate your nearest distributor.

Until next time,

The V-TUF Team.


[1] http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg463.pdf

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