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Zylock - Creating strong bonds

Zylock - Creating strong bonds

Zylock – Lock In Your Potential

In the last twenty or so years, the world has seen some truly amazing developments in human nature and technology creation!

A computer, MP3 player and telephone hybrid that fits snugly in our jeans pocket, cars that are being tested to drive themselves and so many others.

We would like to put forward our own entry into this marvellous creations category with our range of Zylock Sealants and Adhesives, that’s how proud we are of their capability.

The common problem faced by wholesalers, distributors and end users is the amount of choice with a lack of distinction between products.

With Zylock, we can assure you that each of our carefully formulated sealants and adhesives has a purpose and achieves that purpose with ease. Were not satisfied with anything less than a perfect seal, first time, every time!

From permanent, high strength threadlockers and high pressure hydraulic sealant, to Teflon pipe sealants and temperature resistant gasket sealants. This concise range is designed to perform most sealing and locking tasks.

Distributors and users both love the extra-long shelf life of the product! This design feature arose from the fact that we know there is nothing worse than finding that your trusted threadlocker has gone hard, just when you need it!

If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for, or you were hoping to find a sealant type we don’t currently stock, pop us a message on sales@fencogroup.com and we’ll do our best to provide you a solution.

If you are interested in joining the authorised Fenco Group brands strategic dealer network then please call one of the team on 01522 787978!

Until next time,

The FG Team.

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