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British Lung Foundation - Living Well Alliance

British Lung Foundation - Living Well Alliance

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) as one of the key supporters and organisations involved in the Living Well Alliance.

Mesothelioma has seen an annual increase and is predicted by the HSE to reach its peak around 2020. With around 18,000 estimated annual new cases of work related breathing and lung problems self-reported each year and 12,000 lung related deaths each year linked to exposure at work*, it is of the utmost importance to find new ways of managing symptoms and ensuring that people’s lives are improved where possible.

The Business Development Director of V-TUF, Eugene Buchner, has said “We are proud to be working in partnership with the British Lung Foundation to find new ways of improving the lives of those living with lung diseases.” He added, “V-TUF is striving to develop new and innovative equipment with a focus on the occupational health and safety of construction and trade workers throughout the UK and our ambitions are to offer these life-saving solutions worldwide. The fantastic partnership with the British Lung Foundation is an important step in demonstrating our unwavering commitment to ensuring that we save and improve the lives of others as part of our organisation’s mission.”

V-TUF manufacture a focused range of equipment that targets the reduction of dust inhalation in industrial environments, as well as further equipment tackling the health and safety risks of hand arm vibration and noise. The most recent additions to the dust extraction range includes M class dust extraction vacuums and accessories specific to each trade, with the announcement of over 25 new products launching throughout this year under its rebranded and streamlined business model.

“The British Lung Foundation is grateful to V-TUF for their rigorous and determined pursuit in creating new solutions to reduce lung disease, and we are proud to welcome V-TUF as one of the key partners of our Living Well Alliance,” said Jason Cater, Director of Fundraising at the British Lung Foundation. “One in five of the UK population have been diagnosed with a lung disease. We hope our new Living Well Alliance will give those who need lung-health support a simple, single access point to some of the best companies in the country. And, allow these specialist companies to reach more potential customers.”



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