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FREE Jet Wash Hose Quoting Tool



 Do you sell Jet wash high pressure hoses?

Did you know there is over 1 million configurations!

Not surprissed it’s a pain to quote..?.

Why not use our free online tool to quote your customers. It quotes a list price so that you can show your customer. As a Washflex Dealer...

Large Online Store? Small Warehouse? = Dropship


Problem / Issue: Warehouse too small?



Many successful online retailers are beginning to notice the demand on their space for holding stock, as their online sales increase rapidly.

Warehouse managers know all too well that the task of managing operations for a warehouse f...

How do I become a dealer?


The Fenco Group Team would be thrilled to include you in our global dealer network.

Firstly, thank you for your interest in the products! Furthermore, thank you for spending the time to think about us! Finally, we are as excited as you are, that you are about to join the many happy team memb...

Fenco Group Catalogue has arrived for 2017 - Issue 77


Our brand new, biggest ever catalogue has arrived. All existing customers will be receiving a copy in the post within the next few days. You can either view on online on the flipbook, or download as a pdf, and even save to our own PC for quick reference for the future!


Click here to view ...

High Pressure Hose Ends Keep Blowing Off!


Problem / Issue: HOSE ENDS COMING OFF!

The fitting has blown off the hydraulic / jet wash hose.

Cause / Reason:

When hydraulic hose and jet wash high pressure hose fails in service when being used, the cause usually can be down to:

  •          improper component selection (wrong size fittin...