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Blog posts of '2017' 'September'

Zylock - Creating strong bonds
Zylock - Creating strong bonds

Zylock – Lock In Your Potential

In the last twenty or so years, the world has seen some truly amazing developments in human nature and technology creation!

A computer, MP3 player and telephone hybrid that fits snugly in our jeans pocket, cars that are being tested to drive themselves and so many o...

Zyluxx - Luxx Cleaning
Zyluxx - Luxx Cleaning

Zyluxx - #LuxxCleaning

It really is that time of year again; when things start to get dark and dank, leaving us all feeling a little worse for wear.

The horrible reality of wet and slushy weather over the coming months means that your vehicles, plant and homes are going to take a battering of dirt...

Washflex - Flexibility Matters!
Washflex - Flexibility Matters!

The equipment boffins here at Fenco Group HQ love a good challenge, especially if that challenge is set by our distributors or end customers!

As you may know (or may not – we won’t hold it against you) the Fenco Group mission is to ‘Save lives and improve lives through clean innovation’ and our ove...

The V-TÜF M is ready for launch!

This year has seen some really exciting developments coming to fruition for the V-TUF brand alongside expansion in our ever growing Fenco Group family (check out our previous post to see their wonderful mugshots and creative bios).

However, for us this month really is the cherry on top of the pro...

The Fenco Group family gets two new additions!

New additions to the Fenco Family!

September hits and suddenly the weather decides it is going to flip into full arctic conditions? Well let us brighten up your dreary day with a little nugget of happy news! 

This week, our behind the scenes expose focuses on the Fenco Group HQ and its fantastic team of listeners, thinkers, inventors, equipment nerds and friends.

Our team truly are the magic behind the next level customer service and solutions that we offer, so we would like to shout about our newly adopted team members, Miroslaw Hyzy and Nicolle Matthews.