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Product Code: PL031
Zylock PL031 High Strength Retainer has been designed for the permanent retention of close fitting parts. Please Note: the PL030 is now the same specifiaction as the PL031. It is a high strength, low viscosity securing compound, used for the retaining of cylindrical parts in situ with the ability to overcome light oil residue or contamination during assembly. It is oil and fuel resistant when set.

Zylock PL031 is ideal for slip for or interference fits on gears, pulleys, keyways, splined shafts, and bushes etc.
PL031: A high strength, fast curing retainer for securing all types of cylindrical parts. Reduces component fatigue by eliminating stresses within the assembly. IDEAL FOR: Securing bearings, shafts.

Method of Use
This solution is ready for use. Simply unscrew the white lid anti-clockwise. Take off the nib of the spout using a sharp knife. Then tilt the bottle downwards, and gently squeeze the bottle, and you should begin to see the green liquid; the professional Zylock High Strength Retainer.
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  • High Strength, Fast Curing Retainer
  • Oil tolerant
  • Permanent retention
  • Designed for direct use on parts with oily films
  • Can be disassembled using heat and tools
  • Secures all types of cylindrical parts
  • Reduces component fatigue by eliminating stresses within the assembly
  • Physical Properties (liquid product)
  • Chemical base: Modified Methacrylate
  • Colour: Green
  • Viscosity 110-140cps
  • Specific Gravity 1.18
  • Max. gap filling: 0.1mm
  • Temp Range: -50°C up to 150°C

    Physical Properties (cured product) @23°C
    (Measured on M10 x 20 bolt, loose free running)
  • Initial strength: 1 Hour
  • Final strength: 24 hours
  • Cured Performance
  • Full Cure Time: 24 hours
  • Static Shear (degreased) 28 N/mm2 typical
  • Statics Shear (oiled) 21-24 N/mm(2) (ISO/MIL)
    The test methods used are ISO 10123/MIL 46082B on mild steel Pin/Collars to the above specifications.
    • For securing Bearings
    • For securing housings
    • For securing Shafts
    • For securing Gears
    • For securing Pulley Parts
    • For securing Keyways