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Product Code: VOOM1
A simple way to rid your space of DUST & DANDER!
PROTECTING YOUR PEOPLE | The VOOM1 Twin Power Cordless Vacuum is ready to wage a war on allergens.
The V-TUF VOOM1 cordless vacuum especially developed for office type environments or living (down stairs) areas at home, by being an excellent clean up tool on hard surfaces and hard wearing low pile carpets.
THE VOOM1 main features are:
  • allergen (Dust & Dander) capture,
  • long run time,
  • very low noise,
  • and convenience.
    The VOOM1 has a pet brush to suck away dander and capture the hair to dispose of in the trash so as to not fill up the vacuum dust capture container.
    The VOOM1 is supplied with a hard surface multi directional duster to capture dust whilst dusting.
    Please Note: The VOOM 1 is not ideal on thick or soft pile carpets as the main brush is if a hard material for harder surfaces.
    Keep the cleaning operation going!
    Industrial equipment expertise in your home and office .
    See VIDEO below.. Please view the images to see the attachments and modes of the voom.
    Vacuum cleaners without the correct filtration systems can exhaust respirable allergens back into your home. Safe House filtration utilises a HEPA filter which effectively captures these allergens. The filter may then be quickly removed and washed making disposal simple.
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