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Product Code: VTM161
VTM161 – V-TUF 110 VOLT SYNERGY SYNCHRONISED POWER SUPPLY UNIT - Commonly used with 110 VOLT Lung Safe Dust vacuums such as: V-TUF MINI & V-TUF MIDI ; VTM1110 ; VAC M 110 ; VAC H 110.
With two 110 VOLT 16AMP standard sockets, one for your dust extraction vacuum and the other for your power tool, the V-TUF Synergy is ideal for converting your hosed dust extraction vacuum into a synchronised extractor for your favourite power tools.
The three stage operation of the Synergy power supply unit gives you the choice of on, off, or automatic start.
A built in overload protection ensures your safety and the power supply unit’s reliability during even the toughest jobs.
Two mounting points allows for the Synergy unit to be attached at the most convenient point during operation and comes as standard with a 700mm supply cable with 16amp 110 VOLT plug.
To ensure efficient extraction and that contaminants have been removed from the environment, the Synergy has an automatic overrun time after switching off.
Why Buy?
  • Assists in the reduction of airborne dust and contaminants in you work environment
  • Reduces energy consumption by synchronising your power tool and dust extraction equipment
  • Saves you time with reduced clear up throughout your project
  • A cleaner and healthier working environment for you and your team
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