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Product Code: PL500
PL500 V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE (Previously known as PL100 ) is used in place of (or just to top up) pump oil or engine oil in high pressure washer pumps and and engines. This 500ml package is the most popular choice.
Make your equipment last longer with V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE. - have a look at the VIDEO (by scrolling down this page). MSM - Metal Surface Modifier - reducing friction to basicaly zero - less heat and less wear.
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Pressure Lube has been developed with MSM which prolongs pump and engine life by modifying the surfaces subject to most wear thus reducing the friction to basicaly zero.

Download the 'V-TUF Pressure Lube - Specification Guide' for further details.
V-TUF Pressure Lube improves performance whilst reducing vibration, excessive operating temperatures & provides long-term storage protection for metal surfaces.

MSM (Metal Surface Modifier)
bonds to the metal bearing surface at the molecular level, dramatically reducing friction, protecting against abrasion, humidity and thermal damage.

Pressure Lube bonds on to metal surfaces at temperatures above 50oC, creating a mono molecular surface of up to 0.05 microns.
This forms an extremely low friction surface that is able to withstand excessive temperatures & pressures.
Pressure Lube does not contain PTFEs or molybdenum disulphides.

Manufactured in the UK

BS5750 & ISO9002 Certified
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