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SUMMIT Chukka Safety Boot - NAVIGAITOR®

Product Code: SUMMIT
Number 1 choice! NaviGaitor is designed to combat a common need of comfort, affordability and compliance in the safety footwear market. Comfortable, stylish and light, and best value for money. Also see: http://www.navigaitor.com/
The NaviGaitor SUMMIT Boot is a winner when it comes to compliance, comfort, durability and value. Full Protection combined with the lightweight sole and the Navi-Sorb™ comfort innersole makes it a brilliant all-rounder.

The comfort of the NaviGaitor SUMMIT Boot is enjoyed in Agriculture, Construction, general industry and logistics.

Don’t turn down complaints about cheap uncomfortable footwear! It is critical that HR departments recognise the problems that are caused in later life by unsuitable footwear worn today. Not just another pair of steel toe cap boots.

NaviGaitor offers complete foot protection!
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Safety Boots are exempt from TAX / VAT.
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  • NaviGaitor safety footwear is designed to provide comfort to the wearer’s feet throughout the day. This is with the help of NAVI-SORB technology with the sole construction.
  • NAVI-SORB absorbs up to 85% of impact shock before it enters the body and helps to protect the entire body form damage due to dangerous shockwaves.
  • NAVI-SORB naturally cradles the foot – enhancing the heel’s impact absorbing fat pad on the foot.
  • NAVI-SORB Anti-fatigue doesn’t flatten and lose it cushion performance over time.

    What is the pimple on the heel?
    The reflexology technology pimple is designed to stimulate the sciatic nerve. Wearers tell us that their feet feel better after a day’s work in Navigaitor Summit Boots than any other boot they have owned before.

    The NaviGaitor Values:
  • Best Protection
  • Best Style
  • Best Comfort
  • Best Value
  • Water Resistant Genuine Leather Uppers
  • Slip Resistant PU Double Density Outsole
  • Anti-Abrasion Supported Counter Part
  • Shock Absorbing Midsole
  • Superior Comfort Insole
  • Stainless Steel Midsole Plate above 200 newton’s
  • Petrol & Chemical Resistant Sole
  • Pierce Resistant Inner Sole To 1100 Joules
  • Oil Resistant Sole
  • Dual Density PU Shock Absorption
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Finger Loop
  • Durable Lace Loops
    (R.T.P.) Reflexology Technology Pimple
    The reflexology technology pimple on the heel is designed to stimulate the sciatic nerve.
  • Wider Toe Cap
    Gives toes more room – prevents bunions and corns.
  • Intelligent Internal Mesh Lining
    Absorbs and releases the moisture. It is also abrasion resistant.
  • NAVI-SORB Support Shank
    Provides arch support – prevents arch ache by bracing the arch and moving the walking flex from the arch to the ball and toe.
  • NAVI-SORB Anti-fatigue Sole Technology
    Means that the sole construction doesn’t flatten or lose it’s great cushioning performance throughout the lifetime of the boot.
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