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Product Code: XHDM450SS
V-TUF XHDM450SS Super Series HIGH PRESSURE PUMP 200 Bar (3000 PSI); 21 litres per minute, Industrial Pump with 24mm SOLID Shaft. This pump has the perfect balance of pressure and flow for optimal cleaning performance where fast rinse is needed or bulk dirt needs shifting; often used on 415 volt motors; and the 10HP to 15HP petrol and diesel engines with RL400 gearbox. (Scroll down and see RELATED PRODUCTS below)

100% manufactured in the EU which give you the confidence that all materials and design are to give you the greatest return on your investment.

The XHDM450SS PUMP units are very popular in the Carwash industry, the Contractor and Hire Industry and Agricultural contract cleaning industry.

SUPER Robustly made with a perfect balance of weight to ensure minimum fatigue on motor and gearbox mountings.

The XHDM400SS pump comes lubricated complete with equipment ‘lifetime enhancer’ V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE PL500 with a molecular content of MSM (Metal Surface Modifier) reducing friction to basically zero - less heat and less wear.

Suitable for electric 24mm hollow shaft electric 415 volt motors such as MH.4175 (pressure max 150bar) motor. (ALWAYS MAKE SURE the motor is running at least 15% within its maximum amperage).

Mains water supplies cannot cope with 21 litres so it is strongly advisable to run these units on suction from a bulk water supply.
  • The V-TUF XHDM450SS is NOT supplied unloader valve. This pump MUST be fitted with an unloader valve.
  • 2 x Inlet 1/2F bsp ports – one ½F bsp port is blanked
  • 2 x Outlet 3/8F bsp ports - one ½F bsp port is supplied with a blanking plug
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: PL500 V-TUF Pressure Lube (for pump top up)
  • Suitable replacement for the following pumps: INTERPUMP WS202 , AR RK 21.20H ; V-TUF XHDM450
  • Note: the pressure must be set to unload at no more than 200 BAR (3000PSI). See safety note below:

    IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: BEFORE powering the system: 1. the unloader valve MUST be set at MINIMUM pressure; 2. The bypass port MUST be open; 3. Then set the unloader to the required pressure (which MUST be LESS than the maximum unloader pressure of the unloader valve AND LESS than the maximum pressure of your equipment); 4. Set the locking nuts so this pressure (the running pressure and the lock line pressure) cannot be exceeded.
  • CAUTION: This is high pressure equipment and if the above safety and set up rules are not followed, serious damage to equipment and injury to humans can occur. The caps and joints can be
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