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PUMP VT5 - 3/4"F 190 BAR 13L

Product Code: VT5
190 Bar (2800 PSI) Industrial Pump with 3/4" Shaft suitable for 3/4" horizontal shaft engines such as Loncin and HONDA GX160 . The flow rate of 13 litres per minute is suitable for most water mains supplies. The VT5 comes complete with unloader valve with 3/4F inlet and MSQ female outlet.
  • Note: the pressure must be set to unload at no more than 190 BAR (2800PSI). See safety note below:
  • Inlet fitting options include: MH12/12 or MH12/08 brass hose tails or B1.134 KCQ coupling. VIEW: COUPLINGS – LOW PRESSURE and COUPLINGS – QR LOW PRESSURE
  • Outlet fitting option: B14.9191 or B14.9191SS MSQ male to 3/8F coupling. VIEW: COUPLINGS – HIGH PRESSURE and COUPLINGS – QR HIGH PRESSURE
  • The VT5 pump comes lubricated complete with V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE PL500.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: C7.038BPKIT Pump priming valve kit ; E1.1012KIT PUMP SUCTION KIT (2m) ; PL500 V-TUF Pressure Lube (for pump top up)
  • Suitable replacement pump for WW909 PUMPS ; WW907 ; WS430110057-s PUMPS engine mounted pumps.

    IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: BEFORE powering the system: 1. the unloader valve MUST be set at MINIMUM pressure; 2. The bypass port MUST be open; 3. Then set the unloader to the required pressure (which MUST be LESS than the maximum unloader pressure of the unloader valve AND LESS than the maximum pressure of your equipment); 4. Set the locking nuts so this pressure (the running pressure and the lock line pressure) cannot be exceeded.
  • CAUTION: This is high pressure equipment and if the above safety and set up rules are not followed, serious damage to equipment and injury to humans can occur. The caps and joints can be blown clean out of their threads which cause dangerous projectiles. Please be free to ring 01522 787978 if you need any assistance.
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  • Brass Manifold
  • Ceramic Plunger
  • Cool Operation
  • Alloy Connecting Rod
  • Precision Ground Crankshaft
  • Ball & Roller Bearings
  • Service kits:
  • Pump oil: PL500
  • HP SEAL KIT: VTPS3/5/6001 V-TUF SEAL KIT HP 15mm
  • Flow Rate 13 L/min
  • Max Pressure 190 Bar
  • RPM 3400
  • Weight 7.5Kg
  • To Suit 4 to 6 HP Engines
  • Adjustable pressure banjo unloader valve
  • Hardened & precision ground crankshaft
  • Thermal Relief Valve to prevent overheating
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