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Product Code: MAMMOTH240
“The V-TUF MAMMOTH240 (Update on VT9000) has arguably the most POWERFUL suction head on 240 volts suitable on 13 amp electric supply”. The MAMMOTH240 has now additional filtration to safeguard the three impeller motors.
MAMMOTH 240 has THREE powerful 'twin impeller' motors which are independently switched. This gives you top suction power on standard 240VOLT at 3000W. The VT9000 has, arguably, the most powerful suction head on 240 volts at 3000Watts. This means you can choose your suction power by having any number of motors on at any given time. The V-TUF MAMMOTH 240 is Large Capacity Industrial WET & DRY Vacuum Cleaner with a tank drain pipe to easily dump the load if you are sucking heavy material like liquids. The MAMMOTH 240 has an impact resistant tank which you can see the sucked load level. There is a variety of filtration methods for various applications (see COMMON SERVICE PARTS and ACCESSORIES below). The MAMMOTH 240 comes as standard with an AQUA DRY basket ‘easy to wash’ filter for sucking a broad range of materials from liquid, solids to dust. Some companies keep a spare AQUA DRY filter for a quick change over in busy times. The MAMMOTH 240 does not have any expensive circuit boards.
  • Anti-Static 2.5m Hose
  • 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m Hose options available. (There is an extra cost for these)
  • No Bags Required
  • Extra Long 8m Cable
  • Impact Resistant Construction
  • Steel Tubes
  • 3 x Quality, replaceable 'two stage' Motors
  • Other order codes: VT9000 ; B021120160-s
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    You may want to order these as spares:
  • VTSV086 Additional Cartridge filter (OPTIONAL) for finer dust filtration. Please note: If you are ordering the cartridge filter for the first time, you will need to order: 1 x VTSV086; 1 x VTVS087 and VTVS087A
  • VTSV087 Cap and lock (OPTIONAL) for VTSV086 Cartridge filter
  • VTVS021 Aqua-dry main basket filter
  • VTVS027 full tool and hose kit for MAMMOTH / VT9000
  • VTVS032L 38mm long crevis tool
    • Cable Length 8 metres
    • Motor Power 3x 1000W
    • Accessories 40mm
    • Voltage 240v
    • Air Flow 106 L/Sec
    • Suction 250 mbar
    • Tank Size 90 litres
    • Weight 24.3 Kg
  • Excellent Performance
  • Water Drain Hose
  • Non Marking Wheels
  • Large Volume Hose
  • Large Waste Storage
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