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Product Code: VLCD10
V-TUF EcoFective TM LONCIN DIESEL 1" horizontal shaft ENGINE is built to confirm to European regulations. The engine comes fitted with starter motor and key start for electric start. The leads and battery is a separate purchase. The engine can be pull started too.
“More power with less emissions”
  • Less noise – quieter running
  • Low carbon emissions = Low Carbon Technology *Environmentally Friendly* Complies with European EPA Phase III emission regulations
  • More power
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Auto decompression – Ease of starting
  • Cold start feature (this will function if connected to a battery) – ease of starting in cold weather.
  • Proven reliability – currently known as one of the most reliable engines on the market
  • Cost effective spares availability
  • Good looking engines with quality components
  • Engines set at optimum running speed for decreased wear, increased power and longer lasting engines.
  • Strong efficient and simple to service engines
  • All V-TUF engines are lubricated with PRESSURE LUBE PL500 – more power, longer lasting, decreased friction & decreased wear
  • Suitable for VT4 & VT6 PUMPS

    To pull-start the V-TUF EcoFective TM DIESEL ENGINE:
  • Step 1: Secure the throttle in starting mode
  • Step 2: Pull the pull cord 4 times slowly.
  • Step 3: Pull the pull cord firmly and faster
  • Step 4 : if the engine doesn’t start – repeat steps 1 to 3 (this may need to be done a few times if the engine is cold – but once you see the initial white puffs coming out the exhaust, you know the engine should be ready to run.)
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