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DUST BAGS - for M & H CLASS (Pack of 10)

Product Code: VTVS7007
VTVS7007 Dust Bags for V-TUF M CLASS ; H CLASS & V-TUF MIDI / SYNCRO 240 & 110 DUST VACUUMS. ' Recommended LUNG SAFE dust filter bags to PROTECT YOU FROM FATAL LUNG DISEASE ' Please use at all times. Please remember: Fresh bags and clean filters maintain suction power and protect YOU. Vaccum Dust Bags are approved for the use in the V-TUF M & H class Vacuum range as the first stage of filtration. The vacuum then as further stages of filtration and features which give it it's full M or H class compliance. Other order codes: C0801093A-s
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Please note that these bags will not make a standard vacuum M or H class compliant. So the they MUST be used in the corrrect M or H class machines.
- Filter bag material: HEPAFLO H13 - Filter properties: H13 – Although this is M&H class rated, they need to be used in conjunction with extractors with inherent M&H Class filtration systems. - Connection plate: Cardboard - Seal for bag connection: Nitrile. - Bag safety closure: Cardboard fold out. Important Notes: - Bags do not make your vacuum cleaner M or H Class certified. They have to be used in conjunction with the correct filtration and air flow of the machine. - Bags are designed for a single use and disposal. V-TÜF // www.v-tuf.com // sales@v-tuf.com // Tel: 01522 515767
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