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Zyluxx Non-Caustic Wash & Wax Cleaning Chemical is ideal for cleaning all traffic grime off all vehicles.

It is kind to paint work and therefore ideal for cars and other high gloss and metallic surfaces. It will also clean engines and chassis. It can also be used as a hard surface cleaner.

Zyluxx Wash & Wax not only leaves the vehicle clean, but it also gives your vehicles a sterling gleaming finish.

The Zyluxx Non Caustic Traffic Film Remover is an advanced cleaning chemical that delivers excellent cleaning power, easy rinsing, and shining glossy & protective finish. Operatives and owners love it because it, not only protects the vehicle paintwork, but does not clog up your pump and application equipment.

The Zyluxx Wash & Wax is 100% biodegradable and conform to REACH regulations.
£13.75 excl tax

70% alcohol pocket sized hand sanitiser

V-TUF VTC G130 HAND SANITISER (30ml) LIQUID SPRAY 70% ALCOHOL - POCKET SIZE (6x more doses). Pocket size hand sanitiser applicator. Lasts up to 180 sprays. Keep in your pocket and spray a small amount onto your hands and rub thoroughly until dry. For external use only. Use where hand washing facilities are not available. Ideal for spraying handles in public places. i.e. shopping trollies, washrooms etc. Comes with protective cap. INCLUDES ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 70%, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE & AQUA. WHAT IS 6X? The V-TUF Spray offers a precise method of applying hand sanitiser which makes the sanitiser last 6 times more doses than the conventional hand sanitiser.
£5.99 excl tax