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Product Code: ZLX520-20L
NOT FOR USE THROUGH PRESSURE WASHERS! - Zyluxx Heavy Duty Degreaser is a powerful cleaning formula that cuts through and lifts off heavy grease and grime. Use external chemical or foam injection system; brush on or pre-spray with Zyluxx applicator ZLX-10 or ZLX-2

This alkaline hard surface cleaner is excellent for the removal of grease, oils, food soils and traffic films from industrial and commercial vehicles, engines, walls and concrete floors.

This can be applied by; spray, dip tank or brush and is a biodegradable blend of inorganic salts and surfactants.
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  • Health & Safety Compliant Packaging,
  • Environmentally Friendly,
  • REACH Approved,
  • Can Be Diluted
    • Comes in 20 Litre drum
    • Designed For Engines and Concrete Floors,
    • Aggressive & Effective At Breaking Down Heavy Muck, Grease and Oils etc.
    • Can Be Diluted 50:1 FOR HEAVY GREASES
    • Can Be Diluted 200:1 FOR GREASE & BLOOD
    • Can Be Diluted 300:1 FOR TFR
    This solution is ready for use through hand sprayers.

    It can be used through chemical injectors, but MUST NOT be used through Pressure Washer Pumps, Coils & Boilers.
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