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Product Code: VTC320-20L
*Popular Choice* Zyluxx General Purpose Traffic Film Remover (Truck Cleaning Detergent) is excellent for cleaning all traffic grime off all vehicles.

It is aggressive and effective at penetrating and breaking down heavy muck and therefore ideal for vans and heavy plant.

It will also clean engines and chassis when used through pressure washers. It can also be used neat as a de-greaser.

Zyluxx General Purpose Traffic Film Remover is an advanced cleaning chemical that delivers excellent cleaning power, glossy finish and the best clean.

Operatives and owners love the Zyluxx TFR because it, not only protects the vehicle paintwork, but does not clog up your pump and application equipment.

Zyluxx chemicals are 100% biodegradable and conform to REACH regulations.
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  • Pressure Washer Friendly
  • Health & Safety Compliant Packaging
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • REACH Approved
  • Can Be Diluted
  • Excellent Cleaning Properties
  • Comes in 20 Litres
  • Designed For Vans & Heavy Plant
  • Aggressive & Effective At Penetrating & Breaking Down Heavy Muck
  • Can be diluted
This solution is ready for use in pressure washer chemical injection systems.
It may be used through pressure washers or manually if preferred.
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