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Product Code: V5.2150
V-TUF commercial and contractor specification, self-retractable 15m hose reel of Stainless steel construction and proven design. The V5.2150 hose reel has a maximum rated pressure of 600 BAR. It comes standard with a swivel of a working pressure of 200 Bar (3000PSI), an optional 400 BAR swivel can be fitted. The uniquely constructed ‘4 ROLLER V-TUF HOSE CARE GUIDE ‘ that reduces the need for swivel mount brackets as the hose can be pulled from any angle. This reduces wear and the space taken up in the hose reel area.
  • Please note: the reel comes without hose. If you wish to order a hose – Please select the hose and recommended products from the detail below / scroll down & select a hose and recommended fittings from the RELATED PRODUCTS (below)
  • Recommended products (If you wish to order a unit with hose): 1x WFB23815FFYKB 15m BLUE HOSE 3/8F x 3/8F or for a more flexible hose you can use WFB51615FFYKB 15m BLUE HOSE 3/8F x 3/8F ; 1x MB6/MB8 1/2M x 3/8M adaptor. If you would like a connecter hose order from your pump to reel: 1 x MB6/FB8 ; 2 x W6 and WFB23805FFYK 5m BLUE HOSE 3/8F x 3/8F or any other hose selection. Please note: NO more than 15m of hose must be used on the reel drum, as this will cause damage to the recoil spring.
  • Dimensions: Height: 560mm ; Width (including swivel): 230mm ; Length (hose drum diameter) : 440mm
  • 1/2 BSP female INLET
  • Hose drum inlet: 1/2 BSP female and a ½ male x ½ male adaptor supplied with ½ brass sealing washer. (It is advisable to fit a hose with s 3/8BSP F to drum with a MB6/MB8 3/8m x ½ m nipple and 1x W6 3/8 sealing washer).
  • Please note: Due to product development, specifications can change without notice and images are for illustration only. E&OE
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