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Product Code: VDG750
Our D-GREEN formula comes housed in a 750ml concentrate, trigger spray bottle. Undiluted, this 750ml measure can treat up to 75 sq m surface with ease and shows results within 48 hours of application. For larger surface areas it is as simple as transferring to a larger applicator and diluting the mixture to your desired strength, up to a maximum of 10 x dilution.
Its potent formula comes as standard with specialist softwash technology, so you can be sure your asset is protected from green build up without any potential harm arising from a seriously deep clean.
Why Buy?
  • Removes and controls algae and green buildup
  • Restores the appearance of many materials
  • Protects against regrowth for up to six months
  • Biodegradable, antibacterial and contains no acid or bleach
    Softwash Technology
    Softwash technology gives you a seriously deep clean without the need for a pressure washer, ensuring minimal damage to wood and other more sensitive materials.
    Suitable Surfaces
  • Patios / Tarmac & Asphalt Driveways
  • Fencing / Decking / Garden Furniture
  • Pathways /Concrete / Masonry
  • Roofing / Painted or Glazed pots
  • Brickwork / York Stone / Pebbledash
  • Sheds / Greenhouses
  • PVC / Caravans / Artificial Sports Surfaces
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