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Product Code: VTUF240T
The V-TUF VTUF240T (TOTALSTOP) a stainless steel covered, tough well built, well proven, reliable 240 Volt Electric Pressure Washer with the ideal balance of pressure (100 bar / 1500psi) and flow (12 litres per min) on 240 volt electric supply for use in the car wash, hire and agricultural industry.

The ideal electric pressure washer for the discerning home owner, or property owner, who is looking for best value on their investment for property and vehicle cleaning maintenance.

TOTAL STOP is a feature switches the motor off when the spray gun is released and switches the motor on when you pull the spray gun. This increases the pump life.
£1,728.00 incl tax
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  • Thermal Protection - Prevents Pump & Motor Overheating
  • Oversized Motor & Pump - Increases Pressure & Voltage Ratings & Prevents Blown Fuses
  • Burnt Out Motors & Machine Failure
  • Low Rev Motor & Pump - Doubles the Life Of The Machine
  • Maximum Pressure 100 bar
  • Flow Rate 12 Litres/Min
  • Watt 2.2 kW
  • RPM 1400
  • Weight 40 Kg
  • Voltage 240V
  • Simple Tough Design
  • Built With High Quality Components
  • Machines Easy To Maintain
  • All Spares & Accessories Available
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