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Product Code: RAPIDVTS240S
The VTUF RAPID VTS 240S STATIC PORTABLE HOT water pressure washer has been developed by the user to satisfy the requirements for the ideal portable hot static pressure washer. The stable design is ideal for transporting about in hire and contracting. The RAPID VTS 240’s 100% 304 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION (base frame, cover and boiler housing) makes it one of the toughest and corrosive resistant machines. It has the ideal cleaning performance with the market ideal combination of pressure (1500psi/ 100bar) and flow (12 litres per minute) on 240 volt supply. The VTUF RAPID VTS 240S has a specific water feed inlet system ideal for suction out of tanks or to cope with water supply pressure problems in areas where water pressure is low, like farms.
  • Please note: If you are running the VTUF RAPID VTS 240S STATIC PORTABLE HOT out of the back of a van, the burner exhaust heat MUST be properly extracted by a means of a flue from the vehicle. NEVER run in a closed unventilated area.
  • Please note: Only use electrical extension leads that are specified by V-TUF, and never run the VTUF RAPID VTS 240S off any generator less then 6KVA
  • Delivery time: 7 working days. All machines are Pre-delivery inspected and tested before dispatch. We aim to give you peace of mind, for trouble free operation from the start.
  • VTUF RAPID VTS 240 offers you the following advantages and benefits:
  • Quieter running - Sound Level : up to 10% less than some of its competitors
  • Tough, easy running pump - The proven V-TUF XHDM300 low revving European pump is 170 bar rated with a heavy duty crankshaft design with hard wearing ceramic plungers and a brass pump head. Servicing is straight forward and spares availability is excellent.
  • The XHDM300 pump is lubricated with top specification V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE ( PL500 ) which contains MSM which virtually eliminates friction and wear. Pump lube level visible from outside the machine.
  • Pressure can be regulated and the regulation wheel is direct on the pump and easy to reach.
  • High efficiency double pass heat exchanger with 3 second purge time offers you hotter water while using less fuel and clean combustion.
  • The simple but robust stainless steel control panel is easy to operate and maintain with clear visible warning lights. The control circuit is a safe 24 volt low tension electrical control with IP56 electric protection.
  • 30 second delay stop motor with immediate start – which increases motor and pump seal life.
  • Water leak detection shut off - reducing unnecessary wear and expense.
  • Low Water Cut-Out - reducing expensive damage from water shortage.
  • Safety pressure valve : visible and direct on the pump (following all European regulations).
  • Double lance holder on both sides of the cover.
  • Low Fuel Cut Out - to prevent damage to the fuel system
  • Complete machine safety shut down if the unit is not used for an hour
  • 4 x large robust wheels – ideal for rough terrain
  • Quick release KTQ 350 bar Optigun lance system with 10m of hose and Opti-spare ® 10m KWIK-SWIVEL coupling system,
  • Chemical injection system with Micro-Controllable Detergent flow regulator.
  • £5,569.00 incl tax
    + -
  • 10m extension hose
  • 20m extension hose
  • 1200mm QR Lance
  • 2000mm QR Lance
  • Sandblasting kit
  • Sludge pump kit
  • Foam system – to enhance the cleaning action of detergents.
  • Drain cleaning – 10m hose with drain cleaner jet
  • Turbo Lance – Doubles the cleaning power
  • Hose reel device (Optional) to hold 20m high pressure hose.
  • WASH & SHINE RETAINER DETERGENT – Protects your investment and your pressure washer
  • VEHICLE & PLANT WASH DETERGENT – Protects your investment and your pressure washer
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